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Development of 



information systems



You are all individual and your activities are individual as well.


Are you dreaming about an information system that could solve the whole spectrum of your problems and is handy enough for a daily use but you find that such an information system has not been developed yet?
We develop information systems according to the individual requests of the clients.



  • Automated daily functions allow for concentration on works that generate added value;
  • Better data management – higher activity efficiency – greater competitive advantages;
  • Connection of the system to the existing accounting program or any other program;
  • Backup copies of data;
  • Access to the system from any computer;
  • Expansion of the system in case your needs have changed;
  • A Cclear and handy design;
  • A CClear development process in which you can fully participate.


Course of the development:

  • Analysis of your needs
  • Offering a solution
  • Development, installation, training of employees
  • Maintenance of the system and after sale service

Exemplary modules:

  • A module of formation and management of orders;
  • A module of management of information about customers;
  • A module of project management and creating tasks for employees;
  • A module of reminders;
  • ... and many others.


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