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Development of





HallHeader website
For site's administrator convenience we had created two CMS. Fields that are changed the most can be edited on website.
E-shop SportineApranga.lt
The e-shop has a highly flexible marketing administration system that provides a possibility to apply different discounts to specific product categories, producers, price groups and amounts.
Website of hotel Shakespeare Shakespeare.lt
Unique design, virtual tour and partner's reservation system was implemented in this project.
Updated Seesam e-shop
This e-shop was updated and insurance information system was adopted.
E-shop Pirkite.lt
This e-shop was developed with a fully automated ordering system. This solution reduced costs for human resources dramaticaly.
Website for presenting "Magrės baldai"
An intuitive navigation of the website was developed by actively co-operating with the client. The chosen structure complies with the recommended Usability and SEO principles.
Website FussyChoice.co.uk
A product catalogue with a broad functionality was adapted and extra functions for sale promotion were implemented.
E-shop Daily Print
One of great things created in this e-shop is a tool for preparing offers linked with website very quickly.
Website of Lithuanian Mead
This project was implemented together with the agency “Made in Lt” and this started our co-operation with other companies.
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